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Conservatives in the European Parliament
European Conservatives and Reformists
47-53 rue Wiertz B- 1047
Brussels, Belgium

What we stand for...

Let's get Brexit done

The people have spoken and have decided that the UK should leave the European Union.


Deadlines have already passed for our departure and there is no point in further delay.


As Conservative MEPs we will do all we can to help our government secure a deal that safeguards Britain’s best interests while maintaining the best possible relations with our European partners. Until the day we leave the EU, Conservative MEPs will remain fully engaged, contributing to legislation, voting in Parliament and representing our country and constituents.


In the longer term we will not turn our back on Europe. We will continue to trade with the EU and co-operate in important areas such as security. A new chapter in our nation's history is opening. We are committed to playing our part in forging a positive role for Britain in Europe and the rest of the world.


Geoffrey Van Orden MEP



UK Conservatives in the European Parliament